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Fractional COO

Boost your business with experienced hands-on fractional operational integrators and high-quality strategic advice, setting a benchmark for excellence.

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Bookkeeping & Accounting

Optimize your financial success with professional bookkeeping and accounting services.

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Digital Marketing

Experience exponential growth through dynamic collaboration from fractional marketing leadership to integrated digital marketing agency services.

Areas of Underperformance = Opportunities for Growth

As a Business Owner, Executive, and Entrepreneur, it’s time to overcome the challenges of working in your business and embrace success as a leader. Grow from where you are to where you need to be. Take the free business stage assessment to determine your stage.


Together, let’s create actionable plans for every vital element of your business:



  • 3-Year Vision & Documented Strategy
  • Team Empowerment & Culture of Accountability
  • Organizational Structure & Succession Planning
  • Communication Skills & Professional Development


  • 3-Year Financial Roadmap / Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Management / Debt Management
  • Employee Overhead Analysis / Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Accounting Software / Payroll, AR, and AP Processes


  • Operations Management / Meetings & Huddles
  • Process Mapping / Training Programs
  • Recruiting Process & HR Process
  • Workflow Scheduling / Performance Metrics

Sales and Marketing

  • Sales & Marketing Management Road Map
  • Website & Social Media Presence / Lead Nurturing Campaigns
  • CRM Software / Client Account Management
  • Networking Groups / Trade Associations Optimization
Growth Point Partnership fractional coo

A true visionary, Dan’s skills extend to sales development, leadership, and the finesse to motivate teams to accomplish goals and get things done. He has truly been there, done that, and rolls up his sleeves to lead his team in collaborating with yours to take you to the next level.



Growth Point Partnership is your hands-on business ally, dedicated to elevating businesses. In fact, this hands-on approach, led by Dan Smits, Growth Point Partnership’s Founder and CEO, makes us different from all other business management solutions companies.

Simply put, Dan is a lifelong Chief Operations Officer. He empowers businesses with operational efficiencies, strategic planning, resource allocation, risk management, and quality controls.

In Dan’s 30+ year career, he has created three successful businesses. Each business delivered consistent EBITDA, and the necessary systems were fully integrated to generate a higher valuation compared to other businesses in the industry. Each of those businesses led to successful acquisitions. Through the businesses he has led, Dan has been responsible for leading over 100 other companies through turnarounds and value growth initiatives.

In a landscape filled with generic options, our approach to business management services is uniquely exceptional. Our multifaceted strategy includes fractional COO expertise, fractional CMO advising, targeted digital marketing solutions, and meticulous accounting services.

Whether you’re a small-to-medium enterprise, a budding startup, or a long-standing family business, Growth Point Partnership’s tailored consulting solutions are designed to propel you toward industry leadership.

Get all-in-one business solutions tailored to transform your business areas of underperformance to their full potential growth optimization. Our proven Growth Point System, featuring a 5-step Value Growth Process and versatile toolbox, ensures comprehensive support across every aspect of your business. Partner with us for transformative guidance, strategic marketing, and precise financial management, propelling your business to new heights.

Business Management Solutions

Versitile and adaptable Management Expertise


Turnarounds / underperformance

Our business management services specialize in enhancing margins and driving the growth of company value. We’ll work on cost reduction to help you become debt-free and grow your bottom line. We implement the necessary processes to create a productivity culture and get your business back to running like a well-oiled machine.


Exit Planning

Inevitably, the time may come in your career when selling your business becomes a consideration, whether to a family member or an external buyer. Specializing in exit strategies and succession planning, we are here to streamline the process, ensuring a seamless transition. Our dedicated team focuses on meticulous financial evaluations and comprehensive succession plans, providing tailored insights to maximize the value of your business. 


Leadership Transitions

When it comes time for you to take a step back from the business, you need to have someone ready to fill that leadership role. These transitions can be challenging for employees as they get used to responding to someone else in charge, so we start planning early and implementing processes to make that change easier. We also help with mergers and acquisitions, as those can be challenging times that require a lot of preparation.



Boost your online presence with our digital marketing expertise. From captivating website design and reliable hosting to SEO strategies, social media management, blog creation, and targeted Google Ads campaigns, we provide comprehensive services to elevate your brand’s visibility and engagement, ensuring a solid online impact.



Ensure your business’s financial success with our specialized accounting solutions. Our seasoned professionals ensure accuracy, compliance, and efficiency, from comprehensive financial management to dedicated bookkeeping services. Tailored to meet your unique needs, our services allow you to focus on growing your business while we handle the intricacies of financial management with precision and expertise.


Our business development consultants break their strategy down into five steps:

Take our free business assessment to determine what your business needs.

Discover the best solution for your business.

Develop Strategy that is realistic and time sensitive.

Collaborate to Execute the plan and adjust accordingly.

Watch the profits and value of your business grow beyond your expectations.

Unlock Your Business Potential with Our Free Assessment

Take our free business assessment to determine what your business needs.

Case Studies Showcasing Our Services

Smiling Mature Middle Aged Business Woman at her desk

Independent Mental Health Clinic

Turning Slim Margins into Sustainable Growth

It was a practice with a million dollars in sales but only a 5% margin that was barely breaking even. It was determined that to scale the business, more efficient operations were needed.

Information Technology Service Company

Reversing a Three-Year Decline

 An IT service company that had been steadily losing business over the previous three years due to customers moving to application hosting companies.

Independent Home Health Care Organization

Rebuilding After a Health Crisis

 A solo entrepreneur with business in decline. To help rebuild the business after a year-long absence of the owner due to health concerns, key hires were necessary.

Our Guarantee

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Tailored Solutions

We provide a unique suite of solutions that meet your need. No cookie-cutter approaches. 

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Hands-On Approach

From day one, you’ll receive personalized attention and dedicated support from our team of experts. We’re fully committed to rolling up our sleeves and working side-by-side with you to achieve your business goals.

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Increased Opportunities

By shifting your focus from working in the business to working on the business, you’ll unlock a world of new opportunities. With our guidance and support, you’ll gain the clarity and resources needed to explore innovative ideas, expand your market reach, and seize new growth opportunities.

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Transparent Communication

Communication is key to a successful partnership. That’s why we guarantee transparent and open communication every step of the way.

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We guarantee a results-driven approach to every aspect of our services. Your success is our top priority, and we’re committed to delivering tangible outcomes that propel your business forward.

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Risk Mitigation Assurance

With our meticulous approach and proactive strategies, we’ll identify potential risks early on and implement measures to minimize their impact. Trust us to safeguard your business from potential pitfalls and ensure a smooth and secure journey towards success.


We’re not just any service provider; we’re a Proud Member of esteemed organizations that set the gold standard in our industry. From the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to the Chamber of Commerce, our affiliations are a testament to our commitment to quality and community. Click on the logo below to verify our credentials and see why professionals worldwide trust us.

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