The following SmartGrowthservices are offered under a value-based pricing system, which is a flat monthly fee that is tied to guaranteed results. We offer three service levels because we understand not every business has the same needs or is at the same point of growth. After learning the basics of each service, be sure to take our free assessment survey so we can understand what your business needs!

SmartGrowth™ Advisor

This service is the “a la carte” option for businesses. If there is a specific area in which your business needs help, you can choose to have our fractional executives guide you in that department. The Advisor is meant to determine critical areas of concern and act quickly—our work is complete once that problem area has the necessary processes implemented. Choose from our Smart Growth™ Toolbox:

  • Admin and Operations
  • Financial
  • Leadership
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Technology

SmartGrowth™ Partner

Unlike the Advisor service, the Partner option is more long-term and full-service. We partner with company leaders for at least one year (ideally three) to complete projects and implement the processes needed to reach an EBITDA margin that brings the business to a 3% margin above the national average for that industry.

SmartGrowth™ Executive

With this service, our fractional executives will fill short-term gaps of three months through a transition or as a long-term leader. Our job is to put the necessary process in place to reach higher profit margins. Because our experts have held roles as owner, director, president, CEO, and more, we hold a wealth of knowledge that will turn your business around.

In all three systems, our principles stay the same.

  1. Expect growth
  2. Share the vision
  3. Celebrate success
  4. Work for it
  5. Stay strong

We offer three SmartGrowth™ services to ensure that your business’ needs are being met. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to turnaround, growing profits, or improving processes. Your business is unique, and we’ll come up with innovative solutions that are tailored to you.

Growth Point Partnership is committed to partnering with business owners, executives, and leaders to drive above average EBITDA margin and company value. Ready to get started? Take our FREE assessment here:


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