Independent Home Health Care Company Case Study

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Independent Home Health Care organization with 3 million in annual revenue and 7% EBITDA Margin ($210,000.00)



This client came to us as a home health care organization with a solo owner who had been absent from the business for the past year due to health concerns. The business revenue and margins had suffered due to the absence. With the owner not ready to sell and the value declining, the goal of the project was to rebuild the business with the goal to exit and sell the business within three years.


The business had limited resources and skill levels outside of the owner. There were no current staff members qualified to take over operations and marketing which had previously been handled by the owner at a working level of 35 hours a week.



Authority was granted for our team to work directly with staff to execute on the previously agreed upon master plan. Weekly check-in meetings were arranged to keep the owner updated on the progress of the business.

Under our direction, the following projects were completed:

  • Hired a marketing firm to handle monthly tasks to keep the website and marketing campaigns updated for better visibility.
  • Retained a bookkeeping service to handle the financials and payroll.
  • Developed staff to take on higher level tasks.
  • Developed a training and recruiting program to ensure the proper staff was hired.
  • Restructured operations.
  • Developed cohesive staff culture.
  • Reduced office expenses.
  • Created and trained staff members on a new sales process.
  • Reduced the staff count by two.
  • Implemented monthly staff meeting to improve communications.


Increase of Revenue: $3,165,000 annually over the next 12 months.

Annual Profits: Increased from $210,000 to $348,150 annually.

Increase in Net Return: After service fees were deducted ($63,300) a gross increase of $138,150 and a net of $74, 850 compared to the previous year was realized.

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