Fractional executives that drive company value at all levels of business.

Growth Point Partnership works with businesses at all stages of growth including startup, those needing a turnaround, businesses making zero margin, and everything in between. Through our fractional executive model, we offer management services on a for-hire or part-time basis making our service a wonderful option for businesses needing interim executive assistance or those who need long-term, permanent help running their business.

Our experts have extensive experience in the business environment having held roles as owners, CEOs, COO, vice president and director. We provide a  wealth of knowledge in business turnarounds, management, organization, leveraging technology, profit growth, and more.

Our three levels of service are offered under a value-based pricing system which is a flat monthly fee tied to guaranteed results. Take our free assessment to find out what level of service is best for your business.

Our Areas of Expertise


Our growth consultants are experts in improving margins and growing company value. We’ll work on cost reduction to help you become debt-free and grow your bottom line. We implement the necessary processes to create a productivity culture and get your business back to running like a well-oiled machine.

Exit Planning

At some point in your career, it comes time to sell the business whether it’s to a family member or an outside buyer. We specialize in exit strategies and succession planning to make selling your business a smooth process.

Leadership Transitions

When it comes time for you to take a step back from the business, you need to have someone ready to fill that leadership role. These transitions can be challenging for employees as they get used to responding to someone else in charge, so we start planning early and implementing process to make that change easier. We also help with mergers and acquisitions, as those can also be challenging times that call for a lot of preparation.

Case Studies

Independent Mental Health Clinic

A practice with a million dollars in sales but only a 5% margin that was barely breaking even. It was determined that in order to scale the business, more efficient operations would need to be put in place.

Independent Home Health Care Organization

A solo entrepreneur with business in decline. To help rebuild the business after a year-long absence of the owner due to health concerns, key hires were necessary.

Information Technology Service Company

 An IT service company that had been steadily losing business over the previous three years due to customers moving to application hosting companies.

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