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We focus on integrating proven processes, technology, systems, and principals through our proprietary Growth Point Partnership System, which quickly improve EBITDA margin and business value. Our collaborative approach allows us to tailor our services to what each individual client needs most.


If you are a Leader/Producer who is working IN your business and has no time to work ON your business, we can help. Our roll-up-our-sleeves approach tackles your necessary business management projects to ensure profitability!


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Dan Smits

Dan Smits, Founder, CEO, and Entrepreneur, is a leader of positive change in the areas of management structure, revenue growth, revenue cycle management, business turnaround, operations, and corporate culture. During his 30+ year career, he has created three successful businesses where each business delivered (on average) yearly 25%+ in EBITDA. Each of those businesses led to successful acquisitions.

Through the businesses he has led, Dan has been responsible for leading over 100 other businesses through turnarounds and value growth initiatives.

A true visionary, his skills extend to sales development, leadership, and the finesse to motive teams to accomplish goals and get things done.

He is a Cross Functional and Multidisciplinary Advisor/Advocate/Operator.

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Mission Statement

Our team is committed to partnering with business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs, to accelerate the creation of company value.

Core Values:

Profit growth is a good and valued goal.

Teamwork is the only path to true success.

Measured, accountable, smart growth is why we exist.

Your success is our success.

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