Just like New Year’s Resolutions for your personal life, you can’t reach your 2023 business goals without putting in the work. No matter if your resolution is to get better at communicating, grow your bottom line, or fine-tune your employee onboarding process, the way to reach those goals all comes down to how consistent you are.  

Keep it simple 

We see it happen in everyday life: someone says they’re going to start eating healthier, exercise every day, and read a book a week—by the end of February, they’ve given up. This is because when you try to change too many things at once, it’s difficult to keep up. The same goes for your business. Changing several processes and expecting employees to be able to implement them right away is just setting yourself up for failure. Instead, change one or two processes and tweak them according to employee feedback.  

Make them measurable 

Even if your 2023 business resolutions aren’t directly financial-related, you still need to be able to measure them to know if the goals have been reached. For example, if your resolution is to have more one-on-one meetings with employees, set an actual number of meetings and/or put them on your calendar in advance. That way, you can truly track how many one-on-one meetings you had.  

Know it’s okay to revise 

From the beginning to the end of the year, a lot of things can change. It’s okay if the resolution you set now just isn’t working in a couple of months. Rather than giving up completely or trying to continue with what isn’t going well, just revise the plan. Take note of what is hurting more than helping, and change the way you’ll reach that resolution. You may have to do this several times throughout the year, and that’s okay! 

Set short-term goals 

If you’ve set a resolution that you want to reach by the end of the year and isn’t in the day-to-day activities of the business, you’ll need some short-term goals too. 12 months is a long time to strive toward one big goal, and if you don’t reach it, it can feel like you’ve failed. Short-term goals help you celebrate small successes, and they also keep you on track. You’ll be able to assess how you’re doing throughout the year, and you can adjust your processes accordingly in order to reach that big goal.  


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