Business Partner Management Case Study


A business with a 50/50 partnership between its owners determined a need for extended processes. There was no structure on decision making and growth strategy, which was causing conflict among partners and the team.


Leadership did not have previous experience redirecting staff or establishing new policies. Due to growth, they discovered their current policies were insufficient. The business previously excelled under historical processes that no longer supported developing staff needs. They needed an outside partner to establish best practices and help them execute the new strategy smoothly.


After discussing action items with the partners, the following changes were implemented:

    • Established weekly meetings for staff to review challenges within individual projects and the business
    • Reorganized project delegation through leadership to help streamline tasks and better educate employees
    • Created financial review procedure for improved visuals on budgeting
    • Scheduled monthly all-company meetings to realign culture of the organization
    • Kickstarted plan to reinforce leadership presence and authority



Refined processes and more accountability boosted employee confidence, and they were able to take advantage of rising industry opportunities. They are on track for a record-breaking year in sales.

Increase of Revenue: 10% increase in monthly sales or +$250,000

 Annual Profits: 5% increase (current measured trend)

 Increase in Net Return: +$100,000


Growth Point Partnership Mission Statement

Our team is committed to partnering with business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs to accelerate the creation of company value.

Core Values

Profit growth is a good and valued goal.

Teamwork is the only path to true success.

Measured, accountable, smart growth is why we exist.

Your success is our success.