Growth Point Partnership is unique in that we have expertise in more than one wheelhouse—rather than just focusing on the financial or marketing aspects of your business; we offer our services in five areas. We will help you answer the question: where does your business need help?

Each business is unique, so we approach each challenge differently and tailor it to what your business needs. The main goal of our business is to help you grow profits and earn above-average EBITDA margin. All of our focus areas contribute to this end goal, so we’ll find out which part of your business is lacking.

Admin & Operations

This area of concern aims to develop clear, consistent processes and improve accountability. This includes staff management, creating an employee handbook, leading team meetings, recruiting and training, and customer service, to name a few.


At some point, you have to start planning your exit strategy. We help with succession planning and developing new leaders in the business. We also assist with mergers and acquisitions, along with liquidations. And, if you just need some help in your leadership role, we also can help with issues such as conflict management or strategic planning.


Our financial goal for your business is to create cash flow and grow your bottom line. We work on cost reduction, financial analysis, financial reporting, month-end closings, budgets and projections, and more. Most importantly, we’ll help you become debt-free!


It’s hard for your business and employees to be productive when the technology needed just isn’t up to par. We’ll implement the necessary software to improve efficiency, including phone and security systems, hiring key technology staff, software training, technology planning, and more.

Sales & Marketing

The goal for sales and marketing is to create and implement successful processes that grow profits. We’ll work with you on sales processes, pricing and contracts, networking, pipeline management, lead generation, and general marketing services.

Growth Point Partnership works with businesses at all stages, whether you’re just starting or working on your exit strategy. Even if you’re planning on selling the business, you need it to be attractive to prospective buyers. When you’re ready to start increasing the value of your business, give us a call or take our free online assessment survey.



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