Information Technology Service Company Case Study

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Information Technology Service company with $1,500,000 in annual revenue and 15% EBITDA Margin ($225,000 which has been declining over the past 3 years by 2-3% a year)


The IT service company had been losing business due to their client base moving from traditional hosting and hardware models to application hosting. They were losing out on service, tech, and hardware sales.


Due to lack of funds, the company did not feel they could make the investment in building their own data center. He also felt he and his team lacked the ability to sell new service models.



Through extensive research, we were able to find and suggest an already established co-hosting company that they could join to reduce their initial investment costs. This discovery lead to an 80% reduction in upfront investment making it an affordable option for this IT company.

The advisor was able to assist in training staff in the new sales process and a new, robust marketing plan was also put in place.

Under our direction the following projects were completed:

  • Developed three-year strategic plan with a budget.
  • Assisted the owner with finding and negotiating contracts with a co-hosting company.
  • Sourced and contracted with a professional marketing firm.
  • Developed sales scripts.
  • Built prospect list.
  • Reduced expenses relating to current services.
  • Developed dashboards with a check-in schedule to ensure success.



Increase of Revenue: $1,800,000 in annual revenue over the next 12 months.

Annual Profits: Increased from $225,000 to $333,000 annually.

Increase in Net Return: After service fees were deducted ($27,000) a gross increase of $108,000 and a net of $81,000 compared to the previous year was realized.

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