Changing trends and technology improvements means you have to reassess your digital marketing strategy often, and that includes your website. Although looking good is essential, websites are much more than a pretty face. If it’s been several years since your website was designed, and you’ve never had a site refresh, you’re overdue for an update. One question we hear often: why is a website refresh so important?

Visually Appealing 

Have you ever visited a business’s website and thought it looked like something out of the 90s? An out-of-date website implies the business is out of touch and may not be an industry expert. An updated, aesthetically pleasing website makes you appear more credible, making visitors more likely to purchase your product or service. It should also be organized so that customers can find information easily and understand who you are and what you do.  


This ties into the visuals of a website—if your pages are crammed full of information and visitors have to search for information, they’re less likely to buy from you. In today’s world, customers expect a positive user experience, and if your site can’t provide that, it’s easy for them to leave and find something better. Broken links, buttons that don’t work, and heavy blocks of text aren’t doing you any favors.  

Search Engine Optimization 

Google pretty much runs the digital marketing world, and if your website isn’t up to SEO standards, you won’t rank well. Google changes its guidelines on what gets prioritized, so it’s crucial to stay up to date on SEO tactics. If your website was created with outdated strategies like keyword stuffing or excessive inbound links, Google recognizes that and places your website lower in organic search results. SEO is much more in-depth than it was five years ago, and each page needs careful attention in order to improve the website as a whole. 

Written Content 

Recently, Google released their “helpful content” update, which prioritizes useful written copy on your website, playing a big part in search rankings. Regularly posting blogs to your site helps with the written portion of SEO tactics, but when it comes to text on your pages, it’s likely it hasn’t been updated since your site was created. You need to have snappy, attention-grabbing headers, well-written information about your services or products, and more.  


Security needs are always changing due to hackers and their strategies. Your site needs to be equipped with essential plug-ins and other security features to keep it safe and secure. Also, make sure your hosting account is with a reputable company that cares about the security of your site. That’s My Idea Marketing will host your website and stay on top of software updates to stop hackers from getting in. 


That’s My Idea Marketing is a digital marketing company with an emphasis on website design and development. If it’s been years since your website was designed or refreshed, give us a call or contact us through our site. We’ll take care of your digital marketing so you can take care of your business.