As growth consultants, one of the key development strategies we implement is improving processes and communication in your company. Our Fractional COOs are hands-on, meaning we work with you to come up with these processes and help you put them in place. But how exactly do new processes and better communication help turn your business around?


While you might have several processes set in place, if they’ve never been updated, they may not be working well anymore. With technology always evolving, there’s opportunity to improve your systems. The answer to being efficient isn’t always the quickest option. One process might be quick and get the job done, but could that job be done better with a more extensive process? Often times, business owners and employees hit problems down the road due to a poor process.

Employee Moral and Confidence

When employees understand how systems work and what the business’ goals are, they feel more like a team. They can work toward a common goal while having a solid footing and knowing how to do their jobs well. Keeping open communication, including scheduling monthly meetings and making yourself available for questions, helps to make sure those new processes are being followed as well.


If you’re finding inconsistencies in the work your team is doing, it could be because they don’t have a set process to follow. Tasks should have written documents about how to complete them to ensure that everyone is doing them the same way. This can speed things along as well, as one persons’ preferred process might be much slower than the ideal one.

Revenue Increases

By improving systems and keeping employees motivated, you’ll see an increase in revenue. Take one of our case studies, for example: after refining process and more accountability, one company had a 10% increase in monthly sales and increase in net return of $100,000. They’re currently on track for a record-breaking year in sales!

Weekly or monthly meetings, checking in with staff, and keeping documents of efficient processes can truly turn your business around. Our Fractional COOs are ready to assess the needs of your business and get right to work. Give Growth Point Partnership a call or fill out the free assessment on our website today.